Feedback - training results

"Edwin's training method will push you to your limits.  His training will test your mental and physical toughness.  You will suffer through physical and emotional pain.  Your family will ask you if you are sick because you would have loss so much weight from training.  But when you cross the finish line with a PR, you will look back and appreciate the journey you went through."  
"Under the watchful eyes of Edwin, I achieved a PR."  
"He guided me step by step from the base phase all the way to the peak phase, including laying out simple yet effective nutrition plan tailored to me and providing timely feedback via emails and phone calls."  
"Get coached by Edwin, push yourself, run fast, and set a PR."  
 - Moses M. (Seattle, WA)
"Edwin has coached me several times.  After not achieving my goal of breaking 3:30 for my first marathon (I ran a 3:38), I began working with Edwin.  He completely updated my training and nutrition, debunking the old school myths I had used in high school."
"I cut 27 minutes off my next marathon, and I set a PR and ran a 3:09 in my third marathon, again with Edwin's coaching."
​"Here is what I like best about Edwin's coaching.  He coaches the whole event: training, nutrition, strategy, and mental preparation. His breadth and depth of knowledge is impressive along with his personal experience."
- Aaron C. (Denver, CO)