I started coaching in 1992 in Boulder, CO.  My philosophy gives an appreciative  nod to high frequency, high mileage programs, while recognizing the positive impact of high intensity efforts.  

A successful program means different things to different runners based on their experience, goals, and history of injuries. 

Most running programs fail to address the mental side of marathons.  A coach needs to understand your motivators, your distractions, and how to work with both.  

To that end, our proprietary running personality test assesses an athlete's motivators and prepares both coach and athlete.

Athletes are reviewed over two spectrums: Artist to Scientist and  Sloth to Rabid.

I limit my coaching to 6 athletes per marathon cycle, Spring and Fall, making exception for friends running the same race.


Coaching philosophy

Coaching Specialty

At Coyote Runner, we specialize in coaching runners to prepare for their best marathon, whether that is to break 3:30, 3:00, or run a BQ time.  We love road racing!

Road Runners Club of America - certified coach